Joel A.

Simply the best! Dr. Coomber has helped me finally make inroads into lessening the chronic pain I have had in my ankle for the past three years. He is a caring and dedicated professional. His hands-on approach, coupled with his expertise and personalized, well thought out plan has literally worked wonders for me. Dr. Coomber is the third physical therapist I have tried for my nagging, oftentimes debilitating ankle problem. The first two did absolutely nothing to mitigate the issue. I was almost ready to accept the pain and “learn to live with it.” I have had surgery in addition to several other supposedly effective treatments, all without any success. That has all changed since I found Mana PT. My wife and another close friend have also been seeing Dr. Coomber and they are as impressed with him as I. If you are looking for an incredible physical therapist, look no further.