TRX Body Weighted Suspension System

Suspended Body Weight Training is a type of workout that uses your body weight to act as the resistance/tension during weight training.  This type of work out typically incorporates two suspended non- elastic straps or rings mounted to a wall or ceiling.   Loops are placed at the end of the straps from which you can hold with your hands (or placed around your feet) to perform upper, lower extremity and core stability exercises as well as full body stretching routines.

For example, in the picture below, the exercise being performed is a bilateral high row which is part of the TRX row series.  If done correctly, this exercise targets your scapular stabilizers (specifically low and middle trapezius) and your latissimus dorsi to allow for increased scapular stability and humeral depression to improve pulling power and endurance.    Poor scapular stability often leads to rotator cuff dysfunction, directional instability dysfunctions and other upper quadrant disorders.   We can provide further challenge by narrowing your base of support, performing the exercise with only a single leg of support or adjusting the strap for an isolated single arm row.      In addition, by changing the angle and line of pull of the arms, we can further isolate specific muscle activation of the posterior quadrant.

At Mana Physical Therapy, we are a certified provider of the TRX Sports Medicine concept and use the TRX suspension system.  We use this type of work out as a supplement to your personalized corrective exercise routine.

High+Row TRX TRX Body Weighted Suspension System