Is your hip extension weak or tight?

The normal hip extension range of motion (backward motion) value is 10 degrees. If you lack this motion, you will most likely experience lower back pain/stiffness during prolonged walking, standing or running due to excessive lumbar extension to compensate. Many people will be quick to perform a lot of hip flexor stretching when they realize this motion is lacking, however, this tends not to be the right exercise for many of the clients we treat. Many times the client can’t lift their leg off the table when in prone but the hip is easily passively lifted to 10 degrees without any tightness. Instead of wasting time stretching the hip flexors, we activate the glut max as the first course of treatment in many cases. After the hip can actively extend to 10 degrees, more advanced exercises can be added as in the picture below.

This approach of assessment (SFMA) can drastically reduce wasting time on unnecessary exercises such as excessive stretching and manipulation. This example of hip extension can be applied to any other movement dysfunction and can be corrected quite quickly when the underlying cause is found.

If you are experiencing difficulty or pain with certain movements come get assessed with SFMA at Mana Physical Therapy and avoid wasted time on unnecessary exercises.

img Is your hip extension weak or tight?

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