Sole Supports Custom Orthotics Available at Mana Physical Therapy

img Sole Supports Custom Orthotics Available at Mana Physical Therapy

Low back, hip and knee pain can be the result of poor biomechanics at your foot and ankle. Your body requires proper stabiity and support from the ground up.  Poor biomechanics can be the result of ineffective dynamic stability (think muscles) or can be static (think ligament) or bony faults.  Dynamic stability can be improved with physical therapy however static or bony abnormalties can be more difficult to improve with conservative skilled physical therapy- this is where orthotics  can make a huge difference.

Foot orthotics are rigid (or semi -rigid) inserts that you put in your shoes to provide improvements to abnormal biomechanic faults in your ankle or foot.  There are two types of foot orthotics:  Over-the-counter (OTC) orthotics and custom orthotics.

OTC orthotics are not custom- you can pick these up at your local medical equipment or sporting goods store.  These can be effective however they are not fabricated from a mold of your foot and do not allow for specific adjustments.  Custom orthotics on the other hand are created from a negative inprint  of your foot which provides invaluable information of your foot type which can yield a more effective orthotic.

Here at Mana Physical Therapy, we are one of the few certified providers of custom foot orthotics through Sole Supports in the area!  The process takes ~ 10 minutes in our office and consists of us taking a detailed mold of your foot which is then sent out to be fabricated.   Your orthotic arrives in 1-2 weeks and most insurances cover at full cost

If you are curious about orthoics , think Mana first!

Check the video below for additional details: