Debunking Four Myths About Arthritis and Exercise

By Danielle Mitko, PT, MSPT

Myth #1: “Exercise will make my joint pain/arthritis worse”

MOTION IS LOTION! Moving our joints actually improves lubrication in the joint and can help
increase flexibility.”

Myth #2: “I have arthritis, I have not exercised in the past and should not start now”

It is never too late to start exercising. Exercise is recommended for all types of arthritis and has
actually been shown to slow the progression of arthritis.

Myth #3: “I can only do low impact activities because of my arthritis”

Research actually supports the use of high intensity training in individuals with arthritis (both hip
and knee). This means that performing activities such as squats and step ups with weight is
actually recommended. Always be sure to consult a healthcare professional before engaging in

Myth #4: “Pain is a bad thing”

Pain should always be used as a marker. People often confuse joint pain (stiffness/tightness)
with muscular fatigue/work (burning); if you are exercising and feeling a burning or strain in the
muscles, this is okay, this is a normal response to exercise. In fact you want this to occur in
order to build muscle.

If you have arthritis pain, contact us at Mana Physical Therapy! We can help alleviate the pain and educate you on proper exercise technique and prescription. Please call us at (732) 390-8100 to schedule your appointment today.

%name Debunking Four Myths About Arthritis and Exercise

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